Saturday, October 30, 2010

By train at first, while they were still functioning. Then a ride here and there, when people still had gasoline. Then walking... walking and hiding when she had to.

She headed for her sister's house. Apparently they had survived for a while after the pandemic. The windows had been fenced off - to protect against marauders?

Now the windows were gone, the roof was going.

Mostly she traveled alone. Sometimes with other lost and wandering souls. After the pandemic, when the U.S. became wild and fractured, there were lots of wanderers. People looking for family, or running the other way. Dangerous to have a truck when everyone would do anything to have one.

So many roaming the countryside looking for a safe haven. All she knew to do was to try to head for home and hope that her family had somehow survived.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vintage leather jackets

I've found so many fabulous vintage leather jackets in the last month! Four or 5 of them are Berman's leather jackets from the 1980's. Just had a photo shoot with my gorgeous model who showed up with a way cool new hairstyle. What d'ya think?