Saturday, November 1, 2008


Another successful Halloween! A good friend of mine and I set up a spooky porch at her house, complete with scary sounds, candles, black light, stuff like that. We made 3 kids cry last night! No blood, no violence, just good old fashioned spooky stuff. I wear a kimono and a paper half-mask that just covers the top half of my face and is very freaky to look at, I guess its the eyes. My friend is a pirate who greets them and tells them how scary it's going to be. Anyway we have the kids come up on the porch and there I am standing with my hands palms together. I don't say a word, just have them come up to me to get their candy. I nod, wait for them to say Trick or Treat, then give them candy. This is enough to scare them! Not to mention the poncho hanging in a nearby doorway with someone sitting behind it, head in hood. When the kids turn to go, she would raise her head and growl. They couldn't get out fast enough! Was pretty fun. And it'll make lots of great Halloween memories for those kids!

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